☝🏼 There are many ways to modify our existing exercise programs or activities so we can keep being active with the things that bring us value. This can be applied to a high level athlete, or a casual weekend warrior.

📍 One example is spreading out the amount of exercise you do in a session throughout a week.

🏃 Lets make up a basic example. Say you normally do a 5,000 step walk 3x week, which is 15,000 steps weekly. You develop foot pain when you do >3,000 steps in a session. If we split your weekly step count into smaller chunks that are pain free, we can do 3,000 steps 5 days a week and still maintain a weekly 15,000 steps.

🔑These same premises can be applied to a variety of sports and activities but sometimes they are a bit more complicated. A good physiotherapist or coach can help.

📌If you need help with an injury or returning back to activity and live in B.C. – feel free to book in for a consultation. It is covered by most extended health benefit plans.