👉 This is a common question I hear from people when I tell them about Telehealth and it is an incredibly valid question.

😎 We use the same methods you would find in a clinic, but a bit different. Each person is unique, and each injury is specific to that person, so we adjust our assessments based on what is presented. In the slides above you can see examples of what we test.

🤔 But how do we test it? Here are some examples:

1. Movement screens can tell us a lot about your movement patterns. Shown is a picture of someone performing a body weight squat for hip pain.

2. Joint range of motion can be measured through virtual goniometer, which is basically a fancy name for a tool that measures your joints angles.

3. Validated Outcome Measures – these are questionnaires that have standardized data sets that we can compare to. This allows us to measure the effect of an intervention like exercise.

4. Neurological Testing – listed are some examples on how we can apply a neurological screening test by having you perform specific movements.

For strength testing we can either use body weight tasks like for example a single leg squat, or use reference materials like lifting 1L of soda that weighs 2lbs to test rotator cuff strength. These are just a few examples of how we can apply various assessment techniques through Telehealth.