⚡Stop letting equipment get in the way of your health and fitness goals⚡

☝🏼 One of the barriers I see regularly in people’s journey recovering from injury, is access to equipment. This was made worse during Covid-19 as gyms closed down, and equipment prices soared. No one should be limited from progressing their fitness and health goals.

So let’s get to work eliminating barriers. The total cost of this project ranges from $15-35 depending on where you live.

🎯 What you need:
– 1 sturdy duffle bag – the one shown is from Amazon and is 20 inches long. Make sure it is sturdy and in good condition.
– 1 bag of Rubber Mulch. The 20 inch bag holds 1 bag of mulch perfectly. Rubber Mulch is found in the “garden” section of most big box stores. Make sure its “rubber” mulch, and not regular. It is made of recycled automotive tires, so helping the environment is a bonus.
– Zip ties
– Scissors
– Optional: bathroom body weight scale

📌 Steps:
1. Pour rubber mulch into the duffle bag. If you want a specific weight – place your bag on the bathroom scale as you fill it to reach your desired weight
2. Close duffle bag by using zip ties to close the zippers and connect to the shoulder strap attachments on the end
3. Cut off excess zip tie material
4. Get strong 💪🏼 by lifting it up and putting it down

👉🏼Save your excess rubber mulch for increasing the weight of your bag in the future when you want to progress.

Do you have any unconventional DIY home gym equipment you like? Share in the comments below.

❗This is not medical advice.❗